About our agency

Short Story About Our Digtal Marketing Journey

We are your number Digital Marketing In Abuja, Nigeria.

Our Digital Marketing services are offered through experience thereby limiting the level of error and waste by 100 Percent.


We don’t just  market business to the people, we bond your business with your target audience.

Our Cutting hedge Digitgal Marketing tools has giving us the alot of steps above our competions.

We understood that India is Digital Marketing Headquarter and US following a 2nd. The good news is, we have taken our time, courage, money, energy to seat under the mentorship of experts from this countries and we can assure you of result.

  1. Oct, 2018
    Foundation of the Company

    Started as an Idea in 2018 with a 17 year old boy who was ambitious about becoming one of the richest folks in Africa, he quitted his Job to found this company called RocksView Digital Hub and began to toil the ground for results.

    Backward abit: In his Secondary school time was a computer expert that made him very famous among his peers, this he could only achieve through hard work and constant learning, became self thought Digital Marketer and CEO and has run RocksView Digital Hub over 4 years with a surge in growth every year.

  2. Feb, 2019
    The Name RocksVIew

    In 2019 RocksView found it name through an Idea the founder believes was inspired by the Holy spirit.


  3. Nov, 2020
    Won the award

    in 2020 RocksView won an award of consistency from Google.

  4. May, 2021
    About Us

    About Us: RocksView Digital Hub is a result driven digital marketing lab and and agency that helps businesses and individuals interpret their product and service to their potential clients and customers, through result driven adverts RocksView Digital Hub has become the best digital marketing agency in Nigeria according to Google SERP, Clutch and SortList.

    Aim: to use Digital marketing cutting hedge tools in helping businesses bond their target audience with their product.

Meet Our Best Experts

We have selected top and most expert in the Digital Marketing industry..
Akpata Isaac Adeiza


Founder of RocksView Digital Hub a serial entrepreneur and Ai enthusiast.

Oluwatimilehin Priscilla


A Nurse and leader at RocksView Digital Hub for several years.

Philip Demarco

Senior Developer

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James Anderson

Business Analyst

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Excellent Support
Awesome Team
Faster Performance

Our Vision

Vision: To become the best digital marketing agency in Africa and top unicorn digital marketing agency in the world through result driven job done.

Our Mission

Mission: To ensure that all our clients become a house hold name in few months of our introducing their products and services to their target audience also to help our clients achieve maximum results from all pennies spent on ads through us.

Our clientele is filled with top companies and Individuals in different industries but some few will be mentioned here.
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