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About Growth Clinic Academy

Our Agenda
Growth Clinic Academy is a digital entrepreneurship academy desinged to help young people grow methodically and help people learn how the internet money making works.
What’s a Digital Entrepreneurship course:
This describes the internet and digital technologies as powerful tools for entrepreneurship and offers students useful theory, strategy and assessment to explore these ideas.

The Toxic Internet Money Making world

The internet money making world can be very toxic if not well guarded with platforms like Growth Clinic Academy, most times we have seen cases where young people go online to make research about the internet as an oil well of money making and out of curiosity most fall prey to the the hand of the toxic world of internet money making predators who are well positioned at every corner of the internet to defraud curios people.

Our Findings:

After a long term research we found out that making money is  a mindset not just an emotional trigger to be rich and we have put in place systems to help people build the emotional awarness and mindset required to make money and this is first on our course before we enter into the main digital entreprenuership courses.

Our Aim
To become the go to source of wealth making in Africa.
Our Vision
To see as many people as possible grow through our result driven growth systems.
Our mission
To build a name and platform that people can rise through.
Note:This is not just a training designed to help you learn a course then go job hunting, this are courses designed to help you gain financial freedom anywhere you are in the world, to help you understand how the financial world works and how to harness the goodies in it to help you achieve result as you learn the digital entrepreneurship courses.

What you are going to gain for buying our Growth Clinic Academy.

Our platform in it’s design is to help people who are critical thinkers grow. We are going to use our platform to help our students who need funds to start thier ideas through crowd funding and donations from member of the public, well whisker and family members.
We are going to organise competiontions quarterly and student who wins in their respective category goes home with a seed fund of Two Hundred thousand Naira.
Access to Funds
We will be patnering with big organiziations who are ready to support young innovative African with bright ideas to source for funds for their ideas.
Private Class
Do you want a private class? pick one week of your training week and learn one on one with the CEO. best digital marketing institute in Abuja, Nigeria.
All our paid students will have access to a 1-year membership in the academy and the top 3 best of them are granted premium access forever to the academy.
After the end of the course, our successful students are going to intern with us for 30 working days and the best students are picked for an interview and thereafter upload their well-checked CV on our employment portal free of cos.

Our Course Objectives

GROWTH/SUCCESS MINDSET: Learn how to use digital tools to support your growth and learn how to grow exponentially as a digital entrepreneur.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Learn how entrepreneurial ventures use digital technology to design and offer new products and services, acquire and retain customers, analyze customer data, and provide satisfying user experiences online.  Learn how to identify and exploit business opportunities online. Learn how to test new business ideas on real customers. TECHNOLOGY: Without coding, learn how modern technology applications are designed and deployed. Be able to exploit modern business technology trends, including cloud, open technology, mobile, social, data analytics, software-driven services, and experimental business. THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS: We expect that digital products and services will be the norm going forward for businesses. This course will help you begin to understand this new reality and develop the skills needed to deliver and manage digital business offerings.

Specific Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn to implement online tools and make money using multiple sources of income
  2. Decide to be different from everyone around you.
  3. Create an online business design, consisting of a coherent set of activities for attracting customers online, providing a satisfactory online experience, and achieving business objectives digitally.
  4. Launch a business-quality online presence, using widely available services and software.
  5. Understand the basics of a content management system, and how it can be used as the foundation for an internet business presence.
  6. Set measurable business objectives (such as conversion goals), and monitor the success of those objectives through the use of web analytics.
  7. Side Hustling: Implement multiple revenue streams, including web payments.
  8. Perform basic search engine optimization techniques for attracting online customers.
  9. Create a basic social media plan to attract and engage online customers.
  10. Perform basic usability and user experience tests; understand simple experimental techniques such as A/B testing.
  11. Ensure that a business online presence works correctly across multiple devices, such as mobile and tablets.
  12. Understand go-to-market and scalability issues such as security, performance, and legal protections.

Our Course Outline

  1. How to start the wealth jounrney
  2. The Power of saying it
  3. The power of seeing it
  4. The power of hoping for it
  5. The power of connections and how to make connections 
  1. Digital Entrepreneurship: New Opportunities and Challenges
  2. Choosing a Digital Business Idea
  3. Creating a Digital Business Design
  4. Building a Business Prototype
  5. Digital Content that sells
  6. Analytics and goal tracking
  7. Building for the audience/Customer in the digital world
  8. Launching a new brand/business
  1. Leveraging on crypto to source for funds
  2. How to create and sell Digital accounts for money
  3. Selling Social Media traffics
  4. How to start a new side hustle entirely through critical thinking

Each of our student at the end of the class will pick a course to concentrate on at the end of the Side Hustle Course.


  4. Data Analytics 

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Boss Micheal
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Let’s make a deal here (Refund Policy):

We know you’re skeptical because there are so many horrible companies and experts out there who over-promise and under-deliver. But we hope you can see that we come from a place of wanting to help you, and wanting to challenge ourselves to ensure you succeed. The only way to truly fail when you are committed to implementing is to lack the right resources, get stuck and give up, so we’re here to give you the resources and support you need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We are so confident that if you implement what we teach you, execute our 90-day challenge, and use the resources and support we provide you consistently for 3 months immediately after you complete the course, you will achieve some level of success or we will give you a full refund with an additional $100 from our own money, just to say “sorry for wasting your time”).


Isn’t this amazing? What you will learn can potentially make you more money than the amount of time and money you will invest in this course. What do you have to lose? Nothing, really, and you could even gain $100 for your time.

To qualify for a refund, it is only fair that you need to just do these 4 things:

  1. You must start and finish the course and follow the simple step-by-step instructions we will give you and implement them.
  2. You must use the support and the resources that are available to you (they are available to you because you need them to succeed, use them).
  3. You must participate in the coaching community and ask for help when you need it (we can’t know if you need help unless you ask for it).
  4. You must do all the assignments we give you (The assignments are there to ensure you implement and achieve your learning outcome).

Digital Marketing Training Course in Abuja Nigeria

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Our courses are both online and offline at our offices in Abuja.

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We are the best Digital Marketing Agency in Abuja Nigeria​
We are the best Digital Marketing Agency in Abuja Nigeria​
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