About Morena
Morena Ai is the first ever digital entrepreneur Edutech chatbot designed to help individuals, business owners and digital marketers learn or improve on their skills set.
Morena Ai is designed to turn you into a hands-on entrepreneur so you can save cost of operations and become more efficient and proficient in your entrepreneurship journey.
Designed to help you GROW
Morena Ai is designed to help you learn digital skills and online money-making skills with ease and from anywhere around the world.

Making millions is easier if you know how to consistently make thousand, we teach you the income skills that help you make consistent thousands and if more consistent can make you Millions.

Morena Ai Aim: Learn Digital Skills Anywhere, Anytime on Any App at Your Pace.

Morena Ai is designed to help you learn any digital skills at your pace and at any time from any of your messenger, learn a skills and a side hustle that allow you to make money almost instantly, the world is facing a high level of financial crisis and one of the best way to make money in this season is to be part of the financial decision makers which makes us add Crypto into our curriculum as the side hustle.


The financial market is not designed for the elites, it’s designed for the mercies who want to become elites to take advantage of the wealth of the elites to be able to rise and having a knowledge of the financial market helps you mitigate risk and take advantage of key Moments and trends in the market, meaning the market now become a win win situation for you because you have the right knowledge.


Morena Ai does not just teach you to become a digital entreprenuer it teaches you on how to become a successful digital entreprenuer, how to use life hacks to your advantage, how to maximise the power of the law of attractions(Speaking of law of attraction, it’s like the law of gravity it is unchangeable, it’s what it is, it an never change. If well applied can change your mind and business and help you stay floating in time of troubles) .

You will also learn how to become a better version of yourself in just few years, you will learn how to see and maximise opportunities and how to learn chronologically.

We love to be pratical, we also have an employment portal for our successful students so they can have access to jobs as they learn and after they learn, our students who have don’t have access to job are interned and mentored till they are office worthy, we believe that if you are valuable jobs will look for you so we build you till you become valuable enough to make money with your skills.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Content Marketing and Digital Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Becoming Productive at Max
  • Building a sucesful Brand ( EVERYTHING TRUTH)​
  • Crypto Currency ( All you need to know about scalping and futures trading day trading)

What you are going to gain for buying a Growth Space with Morena Ai.

Growth Clinic Membership
You will have access to series of mentors and mentorship throughout you stay in the Growth Clinic Space.
Free Employment Ads
All students of Morena Ai will be added to our employment platform so our clients and companies can easily find experts in different digital skills.
Throughout the Digital skill training you are going to access our lifetime support forum.
Premium Access
Landing page, social media tools, App creator no coding required and premium Marketing apps.
Register in our forum and have access our fun filled digital marketing cousre forum on any of the social media platform
Our best students in our Growth Clinic Academy talent hunt and idea pitch get's to win cash support for their business ideas.
Minimum payable amount NGN 40,000Transaction Charge: , Total:

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