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Growth Clinic is a platform developed to through the help of digital mechanisms to mentor and solve the problems of business people and anyone who wants’ to grow in any aspect of their life. Our major focus is to show anyone who wants to grow financially in their business either already established or in need of an idea to start with.

We train and mentor people on the right steps to take using both our experience and the experience of people who are in the business and finance industry as a case study to mentor our participants on the right thing to do for their business.

We also help women and young people who are scared of starting a business or journeying the entrepreneurship path due to inferiority-complex or business pressures, we help them make the right decisions and also serve as a mentor to guide them throughout their journey till the become a mentor to others.

We help young people find jobs, I found out that there were many times employers where looking for the right candidate for their job opening and it was difficult to get, an employer once told me there are allot of graduates but they are unemployable, we have built a platform to mentor employee’s to suite their employers need in their career and work journey.

It’s the truth that there are alot of graduates out there who don’t have jobs but the truth is that there are some who should be employed by now but are at home because they know nothing about office ethics and people management.

SOLUTION: We are here to train young people and Job seekers on the right knowledge to have before going into the work and office space, we will be teaching them on how to manage people, work and even their own personal life.

We also have a monthly training sessions where we train both job seekers and young people on hands on skills to give them an edge over their competition in the job seeking world, these training ranges from :

  1. Personal Development
  2. Office Ethics
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Web Development and Web 2 App Development
  6. Artificial Intelligence Chat-bot
  7. How to automate everything your room, works , life and finance
  8. Businesses to start as an employee without distraction.

(Earning) Access to daily credits:
We give our members the opportunity to earn from daily visits, and every other actions taking on our website, we are the first to do this. This is designed to help the unemployed to earn either weekly or monthly by taking actions on our website. We provide them with actions ranging from sharing our products and inviting people on the platform also the best earning member will have direct access to jobs in weeks

We have a group of experts with experience on different field, they are always on the watch for loopholes in your CV and are always there to cover you up with advice on what and how to go about your CV.

The 2000 Naira Payment:

We charge our members a onetime payment of 2000 Naira and the only next payment that will charged is the 20% we are charging from their payments. The 20% is more like an insurance to help them in terms of their needs, in a case where our member needs loan. The 2000 Naira is to interview them, register them for the daily earning and access to all our services for free.

The Free Training:

The training is for those who has entirely completed their registration on our platform, they can select from any of our available skills of their interest and can join our monthly GROWTH CLINIC by one of our sister companies RocksView Digital Hub.


  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Web Development and Web 2 App Development
  4. Artificial Intelligence Chat-bot

Our best student get’s some few peck and cash awards and access to Harvard Online Academy

Gifts and Pecks:

  1. Truecaller Premium
  2. Netflix Premium
  3. YouTube Premium
  4. All Premium software’s needed for your business growth * traffic tools, Instagram follower tools and more)

Text Interested to 07069440262

  1. Access to Harvard Online Academy Scholarship

Immediate Interview:
After registration and all necessary documents are submitted  by our members in the employees category, they are called to within 24hours after registration to schedule a comfortable appointed with them. The interview time is then sent to their calendar as a reminder for the interview.

The most successful in the interview as sorted and are places on our featured list so they can be seen by employer immediately.

Loan Facilitates:

Part of our way of supporting our active members on our platform , we give loans and grant to our members who are interested in our loan facilities but there are strict terms to meet to qualify for the loan facilities.

  1. Member must have being on our platform for over 3 months
  2. Member must be employed by us for 3 months
  3. Member must not be on probation
  4. Must have an active salary account
  5. Member must have submitted their CV and all necessary employment documents

Alot of young people battle with life, addictions and relationships the platform allows them to anonymously communicate them with us and we are ready to journey with them till we overcome.

The platform gives free books and materials from the founder and other top world leader and also creates a group and room where people can share their progress and testimonies for an award.

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